Friday, July 11, 2008

Why I Hate Politics

Okay, I understand those are strong words. I have to cover politics on a weekly basis and do it to the best of my abilities, but that does not mean I have to like it. Anyway, what gets on my nerves is the childish bickering and you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours attitude taken by too many of our legislators

How about just doing what's right for your constituents and forget the fact your fellow politicians may not like it. Bipartisan politics is matter what most legislators will tell you. Most of them always have another agenda in mind when conducting business.

Don't get me wrong, politics is a necessary evil. Its just that most politicians are only working for themselves. Its annoying.

The worst is the campaign season....don't tell me how bad your opponent is....tell me about you. I don't want to know what the challenger did to get detention in high school, about their not-so pretty driving record or the fact he (or she) was arrested for public nudity during spring break in Cancun in 1989. We ALL have some ugly marks in our past, get over it!

Also, can you please campaign like adults. What exactly do I mean? Be patient and read the following...

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Area Congressional Candidates Mixing It Up
7/10/2008 7:45:02 PM | Craig Simpson

The race for Ohio's 16th Congressional District is heating up and the candidates are none too happy with one another.

On Thursday Senator Kirk Schuring (R - Canton) accused Senator John Boccieri (D - Youngstown) of having his campaigners storm into Schuring campaign headquarters. Schuring Campaign Manager P.J. Wenzel says, "Their purpose was to challenge us to a debate on energy issues and to do it in a very intimidating fashion." He says they came in without warning and started taking photos.

Apparently each side claims their opponent's ideas on energy and Ohio's gas tax are hurting residents.

Senator Boccieri says Schuring is just attempting to make some noise, "They want to know about storming? I'll let them fly a mission with me into Baghdad. Quite frankly, what we did was deliver a letter requesting that we have a debate on energy policies." He says his staffers walked in cordially, handed over a letter and took one photo.

"These tactics are kinds that usually come from folks who run campaigns in Youngstown," says Wenzel of the Boccieri campaign's actions.

"Sending out a press release about a campaign staffer handing a letter asking for a debate is somewhat laughable. He is just intending to focus on these issues rather than the issues important to the people of these districts," claims Boccieri.

Boccieri says he wants a debate to tell the real truth about his energy ideas and policies, but did not do it in a forceful fashion. Schuring's camp says a debate is already in the works and Boccieri's actions in his office Thursday were unwarranted.

Ohio's 16th Congressional District covers Stark, Medina, Wayne and Ashland County. Schuring and Boccieri are vying for the seat vacated by the retiring Ralph Regula.

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I rest my case, ;)

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chad simpson said...

Right on. It seems everyone hates the way these nitwits that represent us work (Republican,Democrate, take your pick). The problem is we do not use our vote to back up what we all voice our dissatisfaction about when talking to one another.