Friday, July 18, 2008

I'd Like A Life-bek With My Order Please

I stopped by the neighborhood Robeks, the fruit smoothie and healthy eats joint, on Friday on my way to work to get something tasty and cool since it was 7,000 degrees with ultimate humidity in Ohio at the time. I ordered my usual Raspberry Romance (raspberries, raspberry juice, strawberries, bananas, non-fat yogurt and ice) and, as usual, I was asked what kind of free nutritional boost I'd like with it. Funny, I honestly think these nutritional boosts are load crap but I tend to entertain them and choice one. I selected the Intelli-bek and I didn't feel much smarter or felt that I was able to concentrate more after sucking the fruity goodness down in about 15 minutes. At least it was fun to order, right?!


Though, it got me thinking. Robeks has other boosts like Immuni-bek & Cardio-bek, but what if they could offer something the actually worked and dealt with more immediate or specific problems?

For example, what if on a certain day in the future I ordered my Raspberry Romance and asked or the GetOutOfDebt-bek? I could be getting my daily nutritional balance of fruit and vitamins, and at the same time, be easing the burden of owing on college loans or my car payment or next month's cable bill!! Tell me that wouldn't be a money maker and saving money would be a cinch...all just buy doing what we do!!

How about the Relationship-bek? You could settle arguments with your significant other just by spending $4.50 on a tall glass of Pomegranate Passion! No more having to conjure up a way to apologize or make-up! You would be able to keep your dignity and manhood without bruising your pride. And she, or he, would instantly receive a feeling of gratification and closure and would be able to move on to better things. She, or he, would owe you! Awesome!

Oh...imagine IgnorantCo-worker-bek! Those dolts who make your work life miserable would be no match for your superior smoothie downing abilities with a loaded Strawberry Swirl! Those who never listen, ignore the obvious and ask you asinine questions would melt away and become ideal members of your office. Imagine how much stress would be relieved and hair it could save?! Ahh...dreamland!

I think I'm on to something here, but it may be a few years before such things come to fruition. Though the sooner we get working on it, the sooner we can all live much happier lives. I'm getting excited just thinking about.

Anyway, the Intellig-bek that was included in my Raspberry goodness didn't seem to change anything about my progress at work on Friday. Hmm...but I did get quite a bit accomplished? Maybe there is something to it?

Wow, imagine what would have happened if I had added the ChangeMyJob-bek! I'd be in Cincinnati right now helping the Reds hammer the Mets...or at the nearest kinkos asking if you want those copies in high resolution.

Oh well, it was a nice thought. ;)

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