Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Runnin', Should Be A Blast

My apologies for the title's play on words regarding a certain song from the musical Grease simply because I can't stand it, but it fits with what I'm trying to do here and couldn't pass it up. So, since the weather this week finally turned summer-like, I'm officially signaling Summer Runnin' 2017 starts now.

I plan to continue the running which has been a constant since I started punishing myself again last August after a decade off. My hopes are to shove a summer full of races in between my weekly regime of keeping my 40 plus year-old body in somewhat athletic shape. The first Summer Runnin' 2017 Tour stop will be the New Moon Quarter Marathon in Delaware on late Saturday afternoon (May 27th) of Memorial Day weekend.

A few of my The Buck Fifty Traffic Panthers Teammates from last month will be joining me, though most of them have elected to take part in the New Moon Half Marathon. They have given me some good natured ribbing for taking, what they see as, the easy way out. Though I elected on the quarter marathon partly because I haven't put in the kind of training I would prefer for such a distance, but also because I have become somewhat enamored with the 10k as of late. Sure the quarter marathon is slightly more than 6.2 miles, but it is close enough.

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Running by myself, my 10k PR is 40:51, but I want to see how much I can shave off of that (if possible) competing against folks. Similarly, in March I was able to erase more than a minute off of a four mile PR running a St. Patrick's Day race. I would like to be around 39:00 minutes, if all goes as planned Memorial Day weekend. I have explained to my teammates that I will be drinking beer a full hour before they do, but I'm sure that means I will owe them a few when they finish.

A week later is the Columbus 10k which I'm hoping to take part in if my work schedule falls in line and then there is a planned vacation to Costa Rica in July - attempting to run there should be interesting. This is what I have in mind and set thus far regarding the 2017 Craig Thinks He's A Runner Summer Running Series. The rest of the schedule, events and such will evolve as time permits and as long as my deteriorating Garmin Watch holds up.

"... just know that being a runner is all about patience and riding out the low points to get to the high points." ~  5 Rules To Follow For Your Best Summer Of Running by Mile Posts

The summer running tour will go to the end of September. I hope to keep at the writing, the running thing and the traveling as my goofiness permits. I am in no hurry, but I hope to also make some changes this summer. I'm not expecting anything and I don't know what will happen, so my summer will come with a clean slate and an open mind...while adding to my collection of race SWAG.

In the meantime - grab a few beers, run a few miles, enjoy the sun and make some new connections. See you at the starting line...wherever that may be.

Beer On running friends.

We spent the summer running
Scared of what they might do
After we spent the winter crying
In the mist we came all unglued
Sometimes back to school
It seems so sad
And nothings new
Until I spent the summer running....

                                            Billy Idol - Summer Running

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