Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stick That In Your Campaign And Smoke It!

They are all gone! No more: "We can't trust Joe Shmoo", "She's corrupt and eats babies", "He took money from taxpayers to fund his bikini waxing fetish!" Ahhh, I can't tell you how good it feels to know I can flip on the television in the morning and see an actual commercial. Acne cream, coffee filters, chocolate covered dandelions in cream sauce, I don't care, let me see them in succession for the next week!

Those absolutely ignorant campaign ads (television or radio) have come to an end. I can imagine how annoying they can get to the average voter. That also goes for the mountains of campaign mailers that are shoved in our mailboxes like stocking stuffers (Does Santa hate me?!). As a member of the media we have to endure the same ads as you do, but with a sinister twist. We have to interview these people who apparently think we enjoy hearing about their opponent's dirty little secrets.

Election preview stories make my skin crawl. It wouldn't be so bad if I contacted Sherry I'm-Really-An-Illegal-Alien and she just told me about herself and what she wants to do if elected. Instead, more often than not, we are also forced to hear what they really think about their opponent. Listen Sherry....that's all great. I'd love to hear about Tim I-Have-Four-Wives' attempt to grow marijuana in his basement with a hair dryer and flood lights, but the fact is I DON'T CARE! It is about the issues! Who wants to do what and how? What are the priorities for whatever office or district you will be representing? Does your agenda fit in with mine? These my friends are the nuts and bolts that SHOULD encompass a campaign.

Yes, I know, I have never run for office and I don't know what it is "really" like. But we are not completely stupid, SO STOP ACTING AS IF WE ARE!! Unfortunately this is what campaigning has become: a smear fest to see who can find the best dirt, put together the most original parody of their opponent and avoid the real issues at all costs. It is a wonder why so many countries hate us and for all the wrong reasons

Yes, November 4th is now history and we can go back to watching real commercials on products we wouldn't dream of wonderful! And just in time for Christmas! (I can't wait for those killer "Give-uh, give-uh, give-uh Garman" satellite navigation device commercials, they get me everytime!)

Although those campaign commercials are only gone for a few months as the primary election will roll around in late Spring. We can at least rest easier knowing the dreary, dark winter months can be experienced without the suicide inducing crap fed to us from all media avenues.

Akronites going to hell?
(The good part is on the audio link at the bottom. It's the one titled: Hear Plusquellic address supporters after Issue 8's defeat. His 'hell' comment is at the end, but the build-up to it is interesting)

As for myself, I get to spend the next few months playing back the soundbite of Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic telling the opposition to this Issue 8 Akron Scholarship Plan that they will have "...a special place in hell..." for leading the campaign that ultimately led to the issue's large defeat on Tuesday.

The mayor made his comments at the Issue 8 election night watch party at The Lockview, a pub in downtown Akron. It's a place I'd highly recommend for a beer and a bite to eat.

It's across the street from Lock 3 Park:

If you find yourself there, say hello to Matt the manager for me. A very good guy who went out of his way to accommodate my setting up some live remote equipment for Tuesday's broadcast.

Take care Akron...the next election is closer than you think.

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