Monday, June 16, 2008

Reflections On The Passing Of Tim Russert

Now that I've had the weekend to let the death of Tim Russert set in, this is my tribute. An area dentist who went to college with Russert in Northeast Ohio passed his recollections. This was originally published on on Friday.

Local Friend Of Russert Reflects On His Passing
6/13/2008 7:19:09 PM Craig Simpson

Area Dentist John Hudec, a college classmate and friend of Tim Russert, is reflecting on the passing of the televison newsman. Hudec, who lives in Brecksville, says Russert was much more into politics than his television persona.

He says Russert was definitely a politico from the start, "You could see him getting involving in politics but does anyone ever think somebody is going to achieve greatness like that? Not back in college because greatness was a long ways a way, but he certainly achieved it."

He says Russert was also a good friend of one his roommates who is now one of the team physicians for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He shares this story of the recent playoffs, "He ran into Russert and Russert could not have been more delighted. Tim was interviewing everybody and showing them 'this is my friend from college. Look at him, he's the team doctor for the Cleveland Cavaliers!' The sense of camaraderie never left."

In another recollection Hudec says the two were together at the school's library the day former presidential candidate George Wallace was shot in 1972. Hudec recently sent Russert a note asking him if he remembered that day, "He wrote back, 'Dear John...don't let anybody ever know I was in the library. Everybody here is stunned. They saw your note and couldn't believe I ever spent any time in the library.' We occassionally exchanged notes like that, but this...this is a sad day."

According to Hudec Russert was also involved in attracting top name musical talent to play at little John Carroll University, including the likes of Chicago and The Beach Boys. "You would have thought he would be more in to that area after college, but when he left Cleveland Marshall Law School he got involved into politics with (New York) Governor (Mario) Cuomo and Senator (Daniel) Moynahan," he says.

John Carroll University:

The two were classmates at John Carroll and continued to be good friends until his untimely death.Hudec says this has taken the wind out of the sails with this being Father's Day weekend, "...especially knowing how important his son was to him."

Meet the Press:

Tim Russert, the host of NBC's influential political program "Meet the Press," died of an apparent heart attack Friday while recording segments for this Sunday's show.

He was 58.

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